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  • 新年英语的作文

    2020-09-14 15:30 admin




    A new year ,a new start,when I stand on the edge of a new year,I can't help thinking about my plan of next year.

    Just as the old saying:“Well began is the half of the success.”So I decide that I should be at work while the others are still relaxing ,and then ,at the beginning 中作文,I'm quicker than the others and of course I will get better result than the others.

    But ,what I really decide to do is that I must make good of anytime I can spare though it seems impossible. While,I will do my best to live up with what I have planned,and the result will prove it.


    Winter vacation is coming.We're happy to welcome the holidays.Usually,winter vacation is funny because Spring Festival is during the vacation.

    Spring Festival is a excellent day for every Chinese,especially for children.During the festival,relatives go to visit each other and give presents to each other.then it's the happy moment for children,children are given some lucky money.

    But i'm not a child any longer.I want to make the festival a little bit different. I plan to have a different day.I'm going to sell some toys in the flower market.I will ask my friends to join me.If i earn some money,i'll buy some presents to my parents.Well,it's my turn to give back to my parents for their love.

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