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    2020-09-13 18:58 admin


    people who live with disabilities are always considered shameful, for it was difficult for them to manage to do the daily affairs that we take for granted. in fact, they have no differences from us expect their disabilities which are formed because of inborn deficiency or unfortunate accidents. luckily, now we find that there is much we can do to help them, such as improving the living conditions of them.

    but one day when i got to a high-grade hotel, i realized that there was still much left for us to do to provide the equal access to the disabled. as soon as i got through the door of the hotel, i found it almost impossible for the lame or the blind to enter. the glass door would keep revolving unless someone stopped it. people in wheelchairs were hardly able to stop the door and it seemed that the width of the door was not as wide as that of the wheelchair. on the other hand, the revolving door was likely to hit the arms or heads of the blind when they tried to get through. the service counter was too high for the people in wheelchairs to reach. if they wanted to seek counsel of checking in or get publicity materials, they could hardly be served as normal people.

    the counter as well as the phones was in so high a position that it couldn’t be reached by people in wheelchairs. except these, the stairs were one of the inconvenient facilities for the disabled. there were no elevators or even plain passages for the lame, so that they were unable to get to another floor unless others offered help.

    every member of society has the right to a reasonable quality of life, including the disabled. as society develops, we have the responsibility to offer equal access. only in this way are the disabled able to live productive and meaningful lives as we do.

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