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  • 新年的感受英语作文

    2020-09-13 18:58 admin




    It is a year, can't sleep well last night, woke up at three a.m., a bit sleepy, friend looked at QQ in the message, there is more happiness, at least someone will care about my feeling, ask a talk.

    It is a little tired to live, hard to make money, and the heart is tired by the people who have been deceived.

    Come to work, the young men Qi Qi called my sister, all are so simple and lovely, like younger brother more like a son.

    I really dare not to do it again, and try not to let the tears flow down. It's too hard to live. Why? The past is going to let it go away. I can't forget, at least not to let them harass yourself again, and try to get entangled in yourself. At least there's a lot of fun, with me.

    Don't expect there was no disappointment, I am willing to live in such a day, until his death.


    When I was in a lonely mood and sent away for 2012, I was also looking forward to it. In the next 20XX years, we can hope for seeds and make a difference.

    Memories of the past, speaking of my study, mother shaken like a rattle like mathematics, learning Chinese is old to no avail; worse, utterly ignorant of english...... For example, in class, the English teacher said loudly, "I ask a student to read the lessons of the class." I thought in my heart, "never call me." Afraid of what to come, the teacher laughed and said, "Lu Kyung Brahma, you read the first reading." I stood up at a loss and couldn't read a word for half a day, and the students laughed. I really want to blush, there is a hole for me in.

    As a warning for the future, I decided to learn English in 2013: the correct pronunciation of 26 letters, bought the first volume of primary school English CD, repeatedly read along; right, but also to write English words several times to memorize...... I hope that next semester my English level can make the students look at each other. If the next teacher asks a question again, I will read aloud, fluently and correctly. The students are sure to laugh at the end of the hearing. But that is not ridicule, but praise.

    This is my new year's hope. In the coming days, I will make great efforts to constantly improve myself and make the best of myself, so that mothers can be proud of themselves.

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