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    2020-09-13 18:57 admin




    manned spacecraft(载人飞船),Shenzhou 5, China’s space science and technology, a great feat(伟大壮举), astronaut, set an example (树立榜样), lay solid foundations (打好基础)


    One possible version:

    I’m very happy when I heard the news that China’s first manned spacecraft,Shenzhou 5,was launched on October 15,2003. I would never forget the day when all the Chinese people were proud of the successful launch.

    The first unmanned "Shenzhou 1"space craft and "Shenzhou 5" spacecraft, showed China’s space science and technology has reached a very high level. The launch of the "Shenzhou 5" is a great feat. The dreams of thousands of astronauts have come true.

    I’m a middle school student now. Yang Liwei has set a good example for us all. I want to study hard and lay solid foundations for my future. When I grow up, I want to become an astronaut like Yang Liwei.

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